Online casinos versus live casinos

We have been thinking about live casinos for some time and started asking our readers to give us clues on when they think live casinos were invented and where.

However, most of them still confuse live casinos with online casinos and today we want to explain the difference between the two and look at why live casinos are still great today. To use analogies, the major difference is live interaction. Playing a live casino is like holding a conversation with friends or family while online casinos are like monologues, you talking to yourself.

So, anyone playing a live casino is like a football player playing in a game with several others, whether it’s a top league or not but at least not on their own. Online casinos on the other hand are like computer games, you are sitting alone and playing yourself to win against a computer software. Live casinos are therefore more realistic and interactive and fun.

To give a small description, though it is played in a studio, a live casino involves real people and is like being in a conference video call only this time it’s a physical casino streamed live with a real-life live casino dealer, a casino gambling table, cards and a roulette wheel for gambling and other real players who could be sitting in in one room, in one country or region or be spread across the world.


Because not everyone can afford going to a physical casino, live casinos have proven to be the best alternatives for both the players and live dealers or owners. Live dealers can set higher bet limits and make more money out of them while for players they are less costly to join in and play than physical ones.

Live Casinos have high-end equipment and hire professional live dealers and technicians giving players the best experience ever than online casinos which are just websites allowing people to play from their computers. On experience, live casinos beat online roulette, online blackjack and online poker because of live interaction.

There is a probability of chat feature allowing live casino players to talk to each other or the live dealer unlike in online casinos where the players play with computer software without other people to talk to or engage. The softwares are only created to win or lose and there is no interaction with other players at all.

Playing live casinos assures a win as the other end has real players with real online accounts and money deposited into their accounts unlike on online casinos most of which are just spam accounts or databases mining people’s contact details for sell.

For live dealers, this is also an assured business model as they are sure the players are real, some of them are long running customers and some are even friends therefore it’s a real business and has a future unlike onine casinos. The players play with real players and the live dealer deals with real players in a live casino.

Live casinos allow players to monitor the game and other players and even the live dealer because they can see everything that’s taking place. Like we said earlier, it’s like an online video conference, so players see each other and see the dealer too and they can literally see everything the dealer is doing in real-time.

These makes live casinos better than online casinos because online casinos are just websites run by computer generated software and might not have people running them all the time.

Live casinos have a level of professionalism because the live dealers are trained and have to pass exams and practical tests to be qualified and certified to run one.  They are also trained to play and deal with several cards, tables, camera, players and equipment among others.

So sign up for an account, load some money into your account and get some real players to beat this weekend instead of being beaten by computer software all the time. You can also be a VIP player and play with some other VIP players in your region or around the world as if you were with them in a physical casino playing the roulette.


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