Few women used to play online and video game leave along competing with their spouses or male friends as gaming had been misconstrued as an industry for men only thus leading to fewer women taking up jobs in the game development industry as well as competing with their male counterparts.

However, with the advent of internet and the continued emancipation of women, there is an increasing number of women gamers than before. An Indiana University study released mid this year finds that women prefer role-playing games over action games, which are seen as masculine but women spend more time playing than their male counterparts.

“When women are interested in gaming, they tend to spend far more time playing games than men. When it’s central to their identity, they’re more protective of what it means to be a gamer. So women are an important part of the core culture of gaming,” said the study. “For women and girls, especially, to feel like the content is for them, that they’re the intended audience, they need to be seeing people who are like them, either in the game or playing the game.”

Online casinos and betting are no exception. When it comes to their taste, online casino games have proven to be a honey pot to which women are drawn to. Considering all the variety of gambling games there is, many females like to test different gaming options and this is exactly what casino games provide. Not to mention that they can also be played at home or at work without necessarily going to a land-based casino.

Another interesting thing to mention is that females are not exclusively casual gamers. In the recent years, we have seen an exponential increase in the number of women who are playing professional e-Sports. And there is also a trend of geek girls who stream on Twitch and show off their gaming skills, most of the time by playing games such as League of Legends or Valve’s Dota 2.

Finally, this article would not be complete if we didn’t mention the Candy Crush Saga, women love Candy Crush. You could say this game was made for them; it reunites all the characteristics that a game for women should have, from its nice ambient music to their cute designs and colors.

Didn’t any of you ever see your wife or relative playing this game for hours and hours in front of their PC? It’s definitely an addictive game and one of women’s favorites by far.