Overview, a personal finance management app which automatically track and reports users mobile financial transactions allowing them to better understand and manage their finances has finally launched in Kenya, months after the firm began its pilot phase in Kenya.

Henri Pauwels told TechMoran, “We fine tuned and polished the beta version of the app. We added a new feature, where we can send reminders or push engaging content to our users. We have passed over 500 downloads bracket on the Play Store and we have learned tremendously in the last few days.”
Now with an up to date privacy and security terms, Overview is planning to launch a PIN-code feature on the app, reminders for loan repayments and saving challenges and an improved free SMS feature.

Overview currently integrates with M-PESA, Airtel Money, M-Shwari Savings, M-Shwari Lock Savings and KCB. Integrations with other operators are in the pipeline. Unlike Safaricom’s M-ledger, which is a rigid financial journal helping users track and monitor their M-PESA transactions, Overview sends notifications of all transactions with a concise description through categorising, allowing them to rename or label their transactions from utilities, merchant bills and loan repayments among others.

Overview also allows users to send free ‘thank you’ messages for peer-to-peer payments and all transactions are graphed over time in clear monthly charts. Categorising is already automatic for things like airtime, but can be done manually in 2 simple clicks. 24 categories are pre-set, with all entries tracked per category per month. A separate screen shows all the users’ wallets with their balances and a detailed list of transactions per provider.

Now available for Android users only, the app is targeted at users with an interest in the management of their finances.