It is most likely that you went to a physical joint to order the last grill you ate. The problem here is that on the day you crave for grilled chicken, and you cannot go to the store, you simply have to ‘kill’ the cravings or look for something else to eat.

This is in the past. You do not need to stress or worry anymore about where to get grilled foods. Papasgrill has debuted to offer you the best grilled and take out foods in Lagos and Nigeria.

Papagrills was founded in November 2016 and it functions primarily as a takeout and delivery restaurant for anything that is grilled. 

Some of the on-demand items you can purchase include grilled chicken and meat, barbecue, chicken wrap, crispy bite and the sides include jollof rice, fried rice, couscous salad, baked potatoes, coleslaw and many other mouthwatering menus. In addition, you can book them to come entertain your guests at your event.

However, if you want to order, you have to call them. The shortcoming here is that they are based on Lagos Island. It, therefore, money wise to place your order if you reside or work on the Island. Besides this, the grills and sides are quite affordable.