No doubt, every one of us commutes, whether between our home and workplace (or school) or when traveling for a holiday. Even those of us who are lucky to work from home often have to get something from the store. So how do you revel every moment of your time? Obviously, with your Smartphone since it’s the only thing that’s always with you. Sometimes, you just want to play a good game, especially if it’s something peculiar. So we’ve come up with a list of the most-used gaming apps for your subway commute, your home alone time, your lunch break at the office or anywhere else. Go on and download but make sure you have enough storage.

Temple Run 2

Following the success of the release of the first game, Temple Run has become an addiction for many Smartphone users. The second game, Temple Run 2 has turned out to be what everyone expected and we couldn’t ask for more. Although, not so different from the prequel, it certainly offers more fun and excitement. Just like an ardent gambler would benefit from betbright casino best offers, you need to gain as many points as possible to progress. If you must play any game while on a commute, then it should be this classic.

Clash of Clans

Even if you don’t know anything about this game, you must have come across the popular commercials that featured the famous celebrity singer, Mariah Carey, endorsing the game. The game is truly a wonder and the endorsement is part of what users can get from downloading it. No wonder everyone is talking about it. Clash of Clans is a war game that has gradually become everyone’s favourite. You will be missing out if you don’t have it on your Smartphone.


Solitairica is a simple game that comes with a lot of strategy and tactical depth. The art style is amusing and offers a lot of fun. The idea behind the game is no different from what you know about solitaire, except with a lot of surprises which is typical of many great Smartphone games. Add cards in sequence but also stun your opponent with an unexpected move. Want to learn quick casino card tricks or how to win online slots? Then try this classic. No doubt, Solitairica is a gaming app you will love.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is just the perfect distraction for you while riding the bus or subway. But you know what? You can create your own underground railway from scratch but you must really plan well if you want things to work out. Running a metro in real life is not easy, so don’t expect it to be in Mini Metro. It’s either you build well and contain the crowd or your system fails and you have to start all over again. Anyway, falling isn’t a problem – it only means you have to build a better metro. You can bank on it, this will be great fun.

Hope you enjoyed the list. There are only four games here but they are definitely among the best you’ll find out there. Feel free to download them if you haven’t and join the league of people having fun.