Set for the 6th October 2017 in Nairobi, PhotoMasters PitchFest is an opportunity for founders to film explainer videos introducing their ideas for a chance to grow the business further and get feedback.

The explainer videos help them introduce themselves followed by a practice pitch detailing the vision, mission and objectives of the business. Teams can incorporate product or service demos in their presentation for even better results.

According to Sonia John of PhotoMasters, businesses that have done this have reported greater improvement in their presentations to customers, mentors and investors. A professionally done explainer video also goes a long way in the branding initiatives of businesses that advertise on social media and other platforms; not forgetting as well that video is day by day coming to the forefront of how majority of people consume media – entrepreneurs stand a chance to showcase videos as features to startup forums.

With the wide pool of photographers and videographers, PhotoMasters guarantees participants will receive Ultra HD;

  1. Custom length introductory videos of you and/or your team about your startup. Videos can be edited to 1-minute, 3-minutes, 5-minutes, 15-minutes or 30 minutes
  2. Custom branded videos, feature your logos, fonts and brand colors. Total ownership of the video – each team can bring banners, product demos etc.
  3. One portrait photo of each of the team members
  4. Opportunity to interact with other startup founders and teams

This being the first such event organized by PhotoMasters, they remain committed to meeting all customers’ visual and video content requirements indicating that follow up editions to PitchFest will be organized.

Founders and founder teams interested in participating can register to the PitchFest here.