A Plus, the most politically incorrect artist in Ghana, asked Ghanaians to save the national reserves in case one day the government would make a decision to send a rocket into space.

In such a way a musician has recently commented on the notorious $72 Million Social Security and National Insurance Trust software. In particular, he told that if such a huge sum could be spent on just software, then the whole national reserves of Ghana could be used for firing a rocket into space.

“The Ghana will immediately bankrupt the day the government decided to send a rocket to space,” emphasized A Plus.

Presently, the Economic and Organized Crime Organization is investigating the activity of six people for their participation in the acquirement of BOS software for the Social Security and National Insurance Trust at 66.5 million dollars, which has presently ballooned to 77 million dollars.

According to reports, the software was to network all branches of SSNIT in Ghana to allow them getting data straight to the headquarters.

Source: Yen.com.gh.