Rocket Internet last week launched Kaymu in Nigeria and Azmalo in Pakistan, both eBay clones that have been online for weeks since we first saw them mid-December.

The Samwa brothers expect Kaymu to be number one online marketplace for everybody to sell their products. One can buy, bid or sell either around their cities or across Nigeria.

The Rocket Internet team says one can buy or sell fantastic stuff from hundreds of categories such as Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry, Accessories, Books and they can also find unique pieces as collectables or gifts as well!

The portals work easily.

For one to sell, they simply list an item on the site and they chose whether to accept only bids or ask for a specific price for their article. Searching for articles is also simple. Kaymu has a search box, and one needs to type in whatever item or just a keyword of what hey are looking for  and the search results show by products relevance. One can search by brand type,  function,model or product name and then continue to either bidding or buying the item.

Kaymu has three types of listings. There are fixed price lists, those that allow no bargains. Then we have the auction listings, those that allows for bids and speculation and classified listings. Classified listings need the buyer to contact the seller and state the nature of his or her request.
azmalloKaymu is a marketplace. It does not stock its own stuff but for third parties. Various merchants and private dealers post their goods on the site  with their own pictures and descriptions but Kaymu only screens them to make sure only “top sellers use our website.”

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Kaymu says buyers should look at sellers with a positive feedback of above 95 percent from their previous sales or those with trusted badges. Buyers should also ask about warrants and delivery and pay on delivery to make sure what they have is what they ordered.

Goods on “Fixed price” and “Auctions” have fixed prices but those under “Classifieds” listings can be discounted as agreed on between the buyer and seller as they contact each other.

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