Launched early last month, Efritin, a Saltside Technologies general online marketplace for used goods where buyers and sellers connect to transaction on everything including used cars, mobile phone, computers, properties and even job searches in all parts of Nigeria just said it hit 128,000 listings within 3 weeks of launch.

Indicating either hype which might die down or great reception from the Nigerian market due to its features or the 100-strong staff was al out to get listings from the market. The firm didn’t say how much it has spent to get all this but the cost of acquisition of this content and users is definitely not cheap.

According to Head of in Nigeria, Zakari Hersi, verification of the ads in 48 hours before it goes live is what reassured users of the sites safety, avoding scam. However, all major classified sites in Nigeria moderates their listings before they go live and this does not make the site unique from others.

Scam online is not necessarily from the sellers as anyone posing as a buyer can be a fraudster and such cases have been reported globally. Going all the way to identify sellers is great but buyers can as well be suspect. With such numbers in such a short period, the site is promising to be huge and take on Ringier’s and Naspers’ OLX.

The faster growth might also help it raise more money or change the perception of users making the market better for all buyers and sellers in Nigeria.

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