After over 10 months of running its operations remotely, Saltside Technologies‘s online classifieds site Efritin is officially shutting down operations in Nigeria for real and for good.

”Efritin has left the building,” the firm announced on its website. ”It’s been a pleasure serving you all over the years, but we have now decided to close down the shop and go home. A big thanks to everyone for the support, and who knows – we might meet again.”

Efritin had announced in January that it would operate remotely after it shut its physical offices in Nigeria and the retrenching of its 50 staff.  With the closure of Efritin in Nigeria, OLX and take the center stage. The total closure of the site also gives users few options to sell their wares and shows just how there has been much hype about ecommerce in Africa without much consideration of several factors including skills, ethics and much more.

TechMoran is hoping that Salteside’s Tonaton Ghana won’t be affected. Saltside has made a perfect business decision to close down a loss making operation even if it was being run remotely as these would help it focus on its key markets and make a profit.

Earlier,  the firm had said it wanted to sharply reduce its investment in Nigeria in a move to find evidence that the investment would be worthwhile. The closure means it was too early for Nigeria, needed much more investments and or Nigeria wants a priority to Saltside.