Reunert has acquired a 51% stake in Terra Firma Solutions, a leading turnkey energy engineering solutions provider and a 74,9% stake in Africa’s only robotics designer and manufacturer, Ryonic Robotics.

Reunert says the move will augment its strategic focus on innovation and diversification.

“These bolt-on acquisitions fit well with Reunert’s growth strategy into new emerging technologies that complement our existing electronics and electrical engineering expertise,” says Reunert chief executive Alan Dickson.

According to Reunert, the robotics and automation market are having exciting growth trajectories worldwide and will see the firm gain a strong competitive advantage against global competitors.

Founded in 2012, Terra Firma specialises in providing turnkey energy engineering solutions, predominantly to the industrial and commercial sectors in South Africa. The firm has installed numerous large rooftop photovoltaic (solar) energy systems. Terra Firma also has over 800 sites under remote energy and water management through its in-house developed smart software. Its Training Academy provides accredited skills development courses in green careers.

The second deal is the acquisition of a 74,9% stake in Africa’s only robotics designer and manufacturer, Ryonic Robotics.

Ryonic Robotics, founded in 2014, develops state of the art robotic systems for various industries and applications. Ryonic’s breakthrough was the local design and manufacturing of unmanned ground vehicles (“UGVs”) used for pipeline and other confined and dangerous space inspections by the pipeline, construction, industrial-, energy-, mining- and local government sectors. The first export orders, for UGVs to investigate underground pipes have already been shipped to the USA, where Ryonic is aiming to take a substantial market share with its innovative and top quality products.