Before making the final decision on what type of tablet you’re going to be buying, it’s a good idea to do some basic research first. Regardless of whether this is the first tablet you’ve laid your eyes on or if you’ve already owned several different ones before, your buying decision matters a lot.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep you entertained while casually sitting on your couch or a handy device you’re planning to use for some heavy-duty digital work, the basic process of selecting the best one for your needs is roughly the same.

With that being said, let’s jump straight into it!

Step 1: Determining your needs

What are you mainly planning to do with your tablet? Are you mostly going to watch movies, check your email, read articles, or have a video conversation with your friends or colleagues from work? Your answers to these questions will help you choose just the right model that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Choosing the OS

Simply put, you’re going to have to choose between Android, iOS, and Windows.

  1. Android. Associated with Google’s Play store, Android OS is a great choice for those who love to customize their device to their heart’s content. The app marketplace is full of apps that let you do almost anything you can imagine: from file managers, to calendars, background changers, online chatting apps, games, info-type apps, and much more. Arguably, the only downside is the fact that the marketplace hardly differentiates between the apps tailored towards the smartphone and the tablet users.
  1. iOS. Known for its simplicity and always working straight out of the box, there are more than 700,000 apps waiting for you to discover them. While dependability and stability is one of the iPad’s primary strengths, its customization potential may leave a lot to be desired. Also, some of the apps can turn out to be quite expensive.
  2. Windows. This is a popular choice among those who simply can’t live without their handy desktop software suites such as the ever-popular Windows Office. If you’re planning to use your tablet to do some serious work, you simply can’t go wrong by opting for the Windows OS. By choosing Windows OS, you can also fully utilize the capabilities of the best drawing tablets with the Photoshop suite this operating system fully supports.

Step 3: making the hardware considerations of selecting a tablet

  1. Battery life. Are you going to be able to charge your tablet at all times? You can expect to get an average battery life of 10 hours from a typical iPad, for example.
  1. Storage. Windows and Android tablets often let you expand the storage by adding an additional microSD card.
  2. Webcam. If you’re going to be video chatting a lot (or recording lots of videos), this is simply a must.
  3. Keyboard. If you’re going to use your device for work-related matters, having the option to connect a Bluetooth keyboard always comes in handy.


By reading this article, you should have a pretty good idea on how to select the best tablet for your particular needs. And if you haven’t done so already, now’s a good time to do your homework and get rocking with a brand new tablet!