What is a squeeze page?

Squeeze pages are used to solicit opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. A good squeeze page should be convincing enough. Not anyone is willing to share their personal address, so working on your squeeze page is an essential part in the process of gaining subscribers.

Today we will share with you a few tips and tricks that should help you create a good share page. We will begin by telling you which are the most important parts and how you can achieve all your goals.

What is a squeeze page supposed to do?

You probably encountered various squeeze pages yourself. It is easy to notice that they come in different colours and with different messages. However, usually the simplest ones are the ones that are the most convincing. After all, that is what a squeeze page should do, it should convince people.

The message has to be clear, with no unnecessary details. You can get more creative when it comes to design. You do not want to distract the potential subscriber from the message, but make sure that it does not look too bleak.

Squeeze page content offers

A squeeze page can host various types of content such as e-book, white paper collection, templates / design aids, email course. It is more likely to receive an e-mail address if you offer something in exchange for it. Additionally, you should give them something that is hard to find for free. For example, videos are not as efficient because anyone can head over to YouTube and watch it right away.

Right now, offering e-mail courses appear to be the most efficient offer. First of all, giving the e-mail address is required for an e-mail course, and there will be no suspicions. Additionally, if the user appreciates the e-mail course he or she will look forward receiving the next e-mail and you can be sure that your e-mails are opened. This means that you can also throw some offers in there.

Creating your squeeze page

Now that you know the essential parts you can go ahead and start working at your squeeze page. If you like to do everything yourself, you can start your squeeze from scratch. However, there are easier alternatives out there. For example you can use WordPress Squeeze Page Plug-ins that will offer you some templates for WordPress. You can also try a squeeze page generator, since there are plenty of tools that should do all the work for you.

When you create the page you will also have to choose if you want your squeeze page to be a pop-up. Usually pop-ups are not appreciated, but if you want to do this make sure that you provide an X button as well.

When you actually design your squeeze page make sure that it is attractive enough. Choose the right fonts and text design so the page is easy to read, and make sure that you do not use colours that are too flashy. You can even include testimonials from happy customers.


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