Stack Overflow Joins Hands With Andela to Provide Education Beyond Borders

ANDELA 2Andela, has partnered with Stack Overflow in a move to take education beyond borders creating impact across the continent just as they have done on the web.
The deal will see six of Stack Overflow’s developers based around the world are provide one-on-one mentorship to six new Andela developers in Lagos, Nigeria. The mentorship will go on for eight weeks and twice a week, the developers “meet” over video chat and discuss pair programming to preparing for technical interviews and sharing career advice.The mentorship began last week.
“We chose Andela as a partner because of the amazing work they are doing training world-class developers in Africa. We have a shared commitment to remote work and providing access to tech education in underserved communities, and we are so excited to advance these goals together,” announced Jon Chan, Founder of and de facto developer evangelist at Stack Overflow.

In just one week, Jon said he was impressed with the progress so far with  Stack Overflow’s Marco,connecting with  Andela’s Bosun. Other Stack Overflow mentors who have already had sessions iclude Nick, paired with Andela’s Abimbola.  Stack Overflow’s Max and Fiyin covered how the platform does its automated testing and builds at Stack Exchange among others.

screen-shot-2015-05-15-at-10-38-18-am-png-1024x604Though the teams face time zone and sometimes cultural barriers as Stack Overflow believes in working remotely, Jon says the results are so far so good.

“We’re just getting into our first few sessions with the developers at Andela, and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with such bright individuals in a truly transformative organization.” Jon posted. ” Over the next several weeks, we’re going to continue to see how we can help the Andela developers grow and discover what we learn working across boundaries we’re not used to crossing.”

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