PewDiePie, CaptainSparklez, Lirik. Those names are quickly becoming as synonymous with the world of gaming as Pacman, Mario, and Marcus Fenix. What does this tell us? For starters, it underlines the fact that the gaming arena has evolved beyond the simple pleasures of plugging a NES into your home TV. Secondly, it highlights that just about anyone can tap into the moneymaking potential offered by a gigantic industry.

Becoming a social media personality isn’t only open to gamers. Still, it’s hardly surprising that online audiences flock to video gaming content. So if you’re a tech-savvy individual with a love of gaming and content creation, it could be a match made in heaven.

Like a character in an MMO title, leveling up various skills is imperative if you want to achieve those goals. Focus on these key attributes, and you’ll complete those challenges in no time.

#1. Make First Impressions Count

When dealing with an online platform, it’s important to realize how quickly visitors can judge you. If your platform doesn’t strike a chord from the very first second, they will click another link and never return. Ensuring that the foundations are in place before worrying about the content itself is vital.

The general imagery used throughout your designs is crucial and must reflect your gaming profile. Using a Twitch profile banner template, for example, can instantly evoke the right response from your audience. Conversely, choosing something that doesn’t represent what your channels are about will lead to confusion. When that happens converting visitors into subscribers becomes very difficult.

Of course, the quality of your content will need to be equally compelling. However, losing visitors before they’ve even had a chance to get stuck in will harm your progress.

#2. Operate Various Channels

As an online content creator, there are many different opportunities out there. It might seem a lot of hard work, but trying to utilize all available options is the only answer. Otherwise, you’ll be limiting your reach before you’ve even started.

In addition to live streaming on Twitch, you could post pre-recorded videos via YouTube and other channels. Video content isn’t the only route to take, however. Blogging through WordPress can be another great way to express your views and build your reputation and following. Alternatively, podcasting has become very popular as people can listen during commutes and other boring times.

Over time, you may find that some media types work better than others. You may also find that you get more enjoyment from certain tasks. However, you’ll never find those areas of expertise if you don’t try. So keep an open mind.

#3. Be Social

Marketing is a pivotal feature for any content creator. Frankly, social media is probably your greatest shop window. Not only does it offer the chance to reach bigger audiences. But it also enables continued interaction with them also.

In a bid to save time, it’s always worth building automatic posting. This way, your videos and other content will automatically find their way to social media. If that content is then shared to the point where it goes viral, you’ll soon see a huge increase in visits and popularity.

As for interactions, users feel far more valued when they are participating. Get them involved, and that added familiarity should generate more loyalty. There’s a good chance that they’ll spread the word on your behalf too. Above all else, their opinions can help you tweak your product to make it as good as it can be.

#4. Focus On New Developments

Staying relevant is one of the hardest challenges facing any content creator. Even when you start gaining a big audience, the road to success is far from complete. After all, they will soon start visiting alternative channels if yours become stale.

Personality is an important USP. However, it’s equally vital that you stay ahead of the crowd by focusing on the latest and greatest features. As a gaming channel, embracing content relating to the Nintendo Switch is a great example. Many users will be looking for reviews to help them decide whether they should make the purchase. By guiding them to the right answer, you’ll be helping them greatly. In turn, greater loyalty should follow.

Meanwhile, you could give your users unique and exciting content by attending events. Essentially, audiences want to be entertained while learning something new. Use the BBC’s mantra (educate, inform and entertain) to spur you on.

#5. Invest In Equipment

Without the right skills and personality, your content will never strike a chord with its intended audience. Having said that, without the right facilities, the quality of your work will be irrelevant also.

The exact inventory of necessary equipment will be influenced by many things. These elements could range from the media types being used to the genre of gaming. However, the best vlogging cameras and a great laptop are probably high on the agenda.

If you’re planning to attend events and produce content on the go, you’ll also need portable batteries. It may be worth getting a portable internet facility too – unless your smartphone has tethering facilities. Either way, the right tools will increase your possibilities greatly.

#6. Know How To Make Money

Everything above is focused on creating the best content for your audience. In truth, your greatest goal is to make money from your projects. Those opportunities will be influenced heavily by the traffic. Nonetheless, researching those monetizing routes is key.

Advertising banners and pop-ups are an obvious starting point. However, affiliate marketing and product placements can be equally beneficial. Alternatively, you could look at having exclusive paid content to run alongside your free content. Finally, merchandising through t-shirts and similar items can generate another form of revenue.

Whatever you do, it’s imperative that those moneymaking elements are suited to the content. Unfortunately, overlooking this key element could harm your product badly. And if people stop visiting, the other factors will soon feel obsolete. Being a content creator should be fun, but money should be on your mind also. Forget this, and it could spell game over.