Tailor Brands offers the most innovative branding platform which helps small business to design their logos and brand identities instantly with minimal effort at highly affordable rates. This Tel Aviv- based start-up has created powerful branding software which uses machine learning algorithms to design amazing logos, social media pages and various brand identities for your business instantly. This company was founded by three entrepreneurs NadavShatz, Tom Lahat and Yali Saar in 2014 and has been hosted at the TechCrunch Disrupt.

Tailor Brands platform can be a great tool for African entrepreneurs and small businesses who can’t afford to hire an in-house designer for coming up with their logos, business cards and other brand identities. Using this unique and intuitive branding platform, any business owner who does not have much technical or design expertise can create their own logos in minutes by providing simple details like the business name, tagline and a brief description of the business. You can choose the type of the logo you want by specifying whether you are interested in a Name based, Icon-based or an Initial based logo. The software also tries to figure out the style of logo you want based on a series of sample pictures with different styles and asking you to choose your favourite one. You can also analyse and edit your designs later if you want.

Tailor Brands platform has already been helping clients in more than 35 countries across the globe to design their brand logos, social media pages, business cards and various other entities required for their brand promotion. African entrepreneurs who are planning to start their new venture and don’t have enough budget to hire a professional designer can make use of Tailor Brands’ revolutionary platform to create all the marketing materials needed for their business. Logo design on Tailor Brands can be really smooth and hassle-free for any business and will cost 10 times less than the cost when hiring a human designer to do the same task.

It can cost anywhere from $2000 to $20,000 to hire a professional designer for crafting your brand logos, social media pages, business cards and other marketing materials. This can be a huge amount for African businesses running on a tight budget and they might not be able to afford it all. But these business owners don’t have to worry about the budget anymore as Tailor Brands’ unique and powerful Branding platform has come to their rescue. Their specialised algorithm usesmachine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help customers think like a designer and create logos instantly with minimal effort.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to hire an in-house designer, you can spend just $2.99 per month at Tailor Brands and create your own customized logo for your business. They charge just $10.99 per month for a premium package which allows business owners to come up with the entire brand strategy which includes Seasonal logos, Business cards, Social media covers, Facebook advertisements, Branded Watermarks, Mugs, Cups, Pencils and any element you want for your brand promotion. The cost will get reduced further to $9.99 per month if you choose a subscription for 2 years. So, the African entrepreneurs who are doing any small business can get all their marketing and brand promotion materials designed for less than $100 using the Tailor Brands platform.

The Advertising industry is estimated to be worth more than billion dollars and bigger Corporations can afford to hire professional designers which can be a costly affair for small businesses. Based on surveys, it is expected that only 10% of the Top companies and Multinational Corporations can afford such professional designers with higher cost and Tailor Brands aims to offer professional quality designs with affordable price for small and local businesses which form the remaining 90% of the market. This revolutionary branding platform provides a competitive edge to African businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their business with affordable designs and stand up against other competitors from remaining parts of the globe.