Didi Chuxing-backed Taxify is running a 50% off promotion tomorrow to encourage Kenyans to go out and vote by charging riders 50% less they take on election day.
“While running this promotion, we’ll be compensating our drivers with bonuses, to compensate the difference,” announced the firm. “Our focus is to provide drivers with better revenue per ride and keeping them happy with earnings and support we provide, which leads to ultimately better service for clients. Both sides win with Taxify.

Didi Chuxing is China’s leading mobile transportation platform and recently announced it had invested an undisclosed amount in Taxify in Europe and Africa to help it expand its web of influence across the continent. Didi brings on board AI technologies and an extensive range of mobility services, including Taxi, Premier, Express, Luxe, Hitch, etc., to over 400 million users in more than 400 cities. In addition to creating over 17 million flexible work and income opportunities for its driver-partners, Didi leverages its AI capabilities to help cities develop integrated and sustainable smart transportation solutions.


The discount will help the firm sign up new customers and possibly retain them. Taxify’s competitor Uber recently announced it will ferry Persons Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) to and from their respective polling stations in Nairobi, Thika and Mombasa on August 8, 2017, free of charge.

New and existing riders will get a KSh 200 discount to and from their polling stations on voting day in the cities that it is currently present in Kenya. These offers will apply between 6am and 6pm on Tuesday, 8 August 2017. All new and existing Uber riders will be required to request an Uber ride, go to the promotions tab in the app enter the promo code VOTEKE2017 in the app’s promotion tab in order to enjoy the offer.

“Uber celebrates the cities we serve and one of the best ways to engage with our communities is to encourage riders and driver-partners to vote and we shall do this by providing information on the voting process and discounted rides for all riders in Nairobi, Thika and Mombasa” said General Manager for Uber in East Africa Loïc Amado, when he announced the partnership.

Uber has also set up an in-app notification reminding citizens to vote. On voting day, thousands of users of the Uber App in Nairobi, Thika and Mombasa will also receive a message reminding them to vote with a link to the IEBC site to help them find their polling station.

After elections Taxify will run Tuesday Taxify, a new category will appear in the app giving each customer a 50% discount on every ride on every Tuesday.

Here’s how it looks in the app:

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