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We like to dip our toes into a little bit of everything here at TechMoran. We like to share with you things we feel can help your life and also put a smile on your face. Well, today, thanks to us teaming up with the people at WhatShed, we have a cool infographic about how gardening can be great for you.

Not enough people realize just how good gardening is for you. It can help you stay in shape as gardeners have a lower BMI and are more often than not far less likely to suffer from obesity than those who do not garden. Can gardening really be that good for me? Well, studies have shown that spending just a few hours in your garden, growing food, planting plants and taking care of things can burn as many calories as going full at it in the gym for an hour!

It is not just your body that is going to benefit from spending time in the garden, but your mind as well. Stress is a horrible thing to deal with. Maybe you are stressed from your work or from having the kids yelling at you all day. But if you get out in the garden and just lose yourself in it, you will find all that stress just flows away. Gardening is one of the most productive ways that a person can deal with stress.

As well as keeping stress at bay, gardening is an awesome way that you can fight off aging. We are not saying that you are going to plant a youth regenerating plant, but gardening has been shown to help keep the brain sharp and firing on all cylinders.

As you can see, gardening has a lot going for it and we did not even touch on all the fantastic food you get to eat! So have a look at our infographic and see why you need to be working those green thumbs.

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