Tips for Keeping Company Data Safe in the Cloud


A top priority for most Canadian businesses is ensuring they keep company data secure.  This includes not just important internal data, but employee and customer data. When data is at risk, it can expose an organization to penalties from the Canadian government, but it can also become a massive hit to brand and reputation.

Some companies, no matter how well-established they are, might not make it out of a data breach alive.

So, what should Canadian companies know specifically about keeping their data safe in the cloud? The following provides an overview.

Choose the Right Software

For modern businesses in Canada, the majority of everything in the company operates from the foundation of software solutions. From managing customer information to expense management, choosing strong software platforms is essential for competitive, successful businesses.

With that, it’s important not just to look at the functionality and features of software when making a selection, but also how secure it is.

For example, whenever possible look for products with Canadian data hosting. One example of this would be expense management.

When choosing expense management software you have to think about not only the protection of company financial information but also personal employee data, so by choosing a platform that hosts and keeps data within Canada, you reduce risks.


If you’re using cloud-based data storage of any kind, you should also be implementing encryption.

It’s often surprising how many companies, even very large ones, don’t use encryption technology to secure data.

Employees should be trained on the use of encryption for files, and cloud services should also be encrypted.

In line with encryption is the tip of encrypting data before putting it into the cloud. If you have a cloud-protection app, you can then do this with all files before uploading them into cloud-based storage.


Passwords are still one of the easiest ways for a hacker to gain access to a company’s information, and yet so many businesses still don’t put enough emphasis on password security. It’s really surprising, because it’s a simple fix, but is still often overlooked.

Along with making sure passwords are generally secure, companies in Canada also need to put the focus on having variety in passwords. For example, if a hacker can secure access to one area through a weak password, if it’s used in multiple places that means they get access to all those areas as well.

In addition to strong passwords and having variance in passwords across security areas, companies should think about implementing multi-layer security techniques.

Finally, before using a cloud service provider to store data, make sure you read all the fine print. It’s essential to go over the terms of service carefully and make sure there are no red flags or concerns that might be raised in those terms. A lot of companies don’t realize what they give away regarding their rights when they use certain cloud-based services, and then once they agree to their terms, there’s nothing they can do.


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