Doctors and nurses have some of the toughest jobs in the world as they deal with life and death situations every day. However, the thing about technology is that it has managed to make everything a little easier and more manageable than it was before. We are not talking about the groundbreaking inventions in the world of medical technology today, but simple everyday applications that should be on your phone whether you are completing your DNP online or if you are already a doctor of nursing practice.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2017

An updated version of Visible Body’s multiple award-winning Human Anatomy Atlasdoes everything the previous version did, and much more. It’s the number one app in both the Play Store and the App Store, as far as human anatomical visuals, encyclopedic reference, comparative cross-section models, MRI scans, cadaver images and 3D modeling is concerned. The information is not only vast and elaborate it’s also easy to access, thanks to an inbuilt search engine. Quite simply put, it’s a must have app for every medical student out there.


An app made by WebMD for medical professionals, Medscape is completely free to use. It’s one of the best sources of medical news, medical journals, information on drugs, medical calculators, formulas, and much more. If you are an aspiring medical student, the application even provides information on how to pursue your desired career in the medical field as well.

Epocrates Plus

You may need to become a premium member to get access to all its content, but even then, Epocrates is one of the best apps for physicians and nurses out there. In addition to disease information and clinical guidelines, the app also contains detailed info on both generic and branded drugs. It allows the medical practitioner to check drug interactions in-app to make sure what they are prescribing won’t cause more harm than good. It even has an option to check national and regional health insurance formularies.

Nurses Aid

Just as the name suggests, it aids nurses in arranging and organizing their schedules. From quickly setting up task reminders to listing down class notes, Nurse’s Aid is the perfect app for both nursing professionals and nursing students. The paid version even sports a talking alarm!

MediBabble Translator

If you are working in an area where most of your patients do not speak English, MediBabble is a must-have app for you. It currently supports Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, Russian and Haitian Creole. Translated questions and instructions in all the seven languages (excluding English) in audio format make this an instant hit.

Studying for adoctor of nursing practice online degree will not only help you become a better medical professional, it will also boost your career opportunities in the medical field. Most of the apps on this list are available for download from both the Android Play Storeand the Apple App Store. If you haven’t already, try one right now and your life as an aspiring or professional nurse may just become a lot easier.