In a move expected to bolster its revenues and increase it product portfolio, communication platform Truecaller has launched Truecaller Ads, its ads platform in Africa to help brands reach and interact with its 40 million plus users in Africa.

In a statement to TechMoran, Ted Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer at Truecaller said, “We are very excited to start rolling out our highly anticipated mobile ad platform in Africa. We are confident that our unique and innovative ad solutions will deliver excellent results and awareness for Brands in Africa as it already successfully has in other areas.”

The Truecaller Ads platform follows the firm’s launch of contextual advertising for brands last year, using its Call Intent based advertising in India in partnership with Google Sales Team.

The daily impression on Truecaller’s ad platform has grown with over 200% during the last six months. Key growth markets include: Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Morocco. Regions like Nigeria and Egypt are seeing more than 5 million impressions per day, and the latter 15 million impressions

The increased traction comes from Truecaller’s constant innovation to make user communication seamless, which has resulted in existing advertisers deciding to continue investing their marketing budget in Truecaller’s ad platform. Early successful campaigns for global brands like Huawei, Sony, Motorola, and Lipton has been trialed in Africa. are the first partners in Nigeria to get onboard utilizing Truecaller Ads. Truecaller Ads is available to buy programmatically via Doubleclick Bid Manager.