We listen to amazing and motivational messages delivered by religious leaders and motivational speakers. After the event, we do not have access to these messages except we record it on our phones. Even if we do this, it may not be clear. Hence, you may not really feel the impact of that message or it will be temporary.

To address this, Udiit.com has come up with a very smart solution. Udiit.com is a digital audio platform that was founded last year and aims to become the hub for digital audio in Nigeria. In other words, anything speech, address or talk delivered by well-known speakers in Nigeria can be discovered on the platform.

To put it succinctly, the startup is partnering with mentors, coaches, organizations/events (secular & religious) to monetize their audio content, thereby, making it available for everyone. The content include audio messages, teachings and podcast from renowned authorities in Africa and beyond. Some of them are Steve Harris, Bolaji Idowu, Sam Adeyemi and Tunji Iyiola among others. It must be added that there are other digital audio categories available beyond motivation and religion.

The amazing fact here is that you can own a digital audio for as low as N200 even though you can listen to any audio as many times as you want on the platform.

However, we observed that Udiit.com is that it is connected with Spiricoco, which is a music platform where you can sell music, spoken word, seminars, sermons and much more. Udiit.com kept loading as Spiricoco.