Uganda’s Safeboda, an Uber for motorcycle taxis launches virtual wallet for users

Just days after Kenya’s Little launched a virtual wallet in a move expected to improve its customer experience through a simplified checkout process and building customer loyalty, Uganda’s Uber for motorcycle taxis has followed suit.

SafeBoda, Uganda’s ‘Uber’ for motorcycle taxis has announced that it has launched a virtual mobile wallet allowing users to top-up their rides credit with MTN and Airtel Money with ease in a move expected to help ride cashless and worry less if they have enough change or not in their next rides.

Set to launch in Kenya where boda boda use is growing by the day, the firm last year received  £160,000 ($229,000) from London-based GIF to bring sanity on Kampala roads, reduce motorcycle accidents and create jobs for the city’s youth. As a safe alternative to normal boda boda taxis in the country, SafeBoda is aims to reduce motorbike accident deaths and injuries in Uganda as well as create jobs for the youth in the country.

There are over 80,000 motorbike drivers in Kampala but only 1% of them wear helmets leading to an increasing number of crash injuries and deaths. Safaeboda aims to create a commercially viable network of safe taxi motorcycle drivers, by training them and making sure they wear helmets. Using financial incentives and peer pressure, SafeBoda fuel’s behavioural changes in motorbike drivers. These new features helps the firm on its mission to make roads safer for everyone and especially boda boda users.




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