UK used is a very popular slang used to describe fairly used phones from the United Kingdom that are sold in Nigeria. So when you go to any market including computer village and you say you want a UK used phone, you will definitely get.
But the question is what type of UK used phone are you buying? This question is essential because you cannot guarantee that when you visit these stores you are buying an authentic UK used phone. This is due to the fact that a large number of them are fake and substandard. And if you are unlucky, it won’t last more than a day before it packs up. In fact, there are so many phones in Nigeria today that are branded UK used, which are not, from other parts of the world. You cannot differentiate them.
Therefore, you need a reliable and trustworthy platform where you can purchase original UK used phones especially if you do not have enough money to buy a new one. For example, if you are craving for an iPhone and you cannot afford it, then you should check out to get the ukused at a giveaway price. is an online marketplace where you can purchase genuine UK used phone of your choice at the best price.
Need we say more? No, let us allow Ogechi Ndukwe, the founder of to tell us more about his startup. We had an exclusive interview with him. Here are the excerpts.
Tell us what the startup is all about?
When you visit computer village Lagos, the probability of buying a good used phone is 50-50 – a lot used phones in that market are stolen or bad and am sure you wouldn’t like to buy a Samsung galaxy s6 and in 3 days, the device is already showing sign of repair. is a marketplace that saves buyers from these fake used phone sellers by listing UK used phones in perfect working condition for sale. We are affiliated with UK dealers as a local partner to help buyers who cannot afford new phones enjoy the same value at a cheaper price and pay in Naira.
What are the challenges you encountered while setting up?
We had to battle with trust issues – our online customers were concerned about return if they smartphone do not meet their standard. This is the reason we only list grade A smartphones in perfect condition – we also have local partners who offer after sales services – since establishment we have not receive a refund request which is a confirmation that our model is working.
How does your startup intend to make money?
We make money by charging local buyers for handling the delivery to their preferred location – the cost is already factored into the price of phones which is still 30-50% cheaper compared to new offers from top online stores.
When was your startup established?
We started as a marketplace in October 2015 but remodeled in February 2017 to help buyers order UK phones from abroad.
What does your prospective customer stand to gain?
We help them save money that would have been spent on a new phone while enjoying the same value – there is also the convenience of paying in Naira for smartphones shipped from the UK.
What are your future plans?
Currently, we are expanding our delivery locations so that anyone, anywhere in Nigeria can order UK used phones at a cheaper price.