It’s a bright Monday morning; you get to the office, pour some coffee, open your mail and Bam! You have an urgent brief. The client wants a banner for their website or social media accounts. So you rush to Google, search for the image you need, scroll and scroll till you find the “perfect” one. Right click, download upload to Photoshop and start working on the big project *that should be sent in the next 3 hours for approval*.

But Pause! Did you stop to think of the legal consequences of using an image from Google?

Google and other search engines have given us a platform where we can conveniently get free image for our social media accounts, websites, magazines etc. but what they don’t tell you is the legal consequences you might face for using a copyrighted image. The images on google might not have watermarks but that doesn’t mean they are free to use. Yes you might credit the source but this doesn’t save you for the being sued for infringement. We’ve had cases where brands have been sued millions of money for using an image without approval. Every country has a copyright law that protects personal property and if you go against any of these laws you will lose a lot of money and might face jail term.

We understand you are on a budget but still want to deliver quality work, that’s why we have affordable purchase options, cheaper than any other stock site in Africa (You can google this *wink*). So here are 4 reasons you should use our photos and not images from google.

  1. Once you buy images from our site, you are sure no one is going to sue you. Our images are uploaded by photographers who sign an agreement that allows you to use the images as you wish.
  2. Stock photos give you a sense of texture, size, scale, detail and context. This allows you to get creative, add elements, colours and any features you might want
  3. It’s easy to get the exact image you need. Simply log on to our site, search key words and you have more than enough options to choose from.
  4. Snaphubr is fast. You pay and the image is immediately sent to your email. Less time than you would’ve spent scrolling through Google.

So next time you get that quick urgent brief just log on to ,buy a quality stock photo and save yourself from the legal hot waters.

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