As part of Orange rebranding to Telkom Kenya, the company introduced Free WhatsApp offer. The offer is seen as one of the ways that will lure the customers to the just released 4G network. To access it, just press *544# then select ‘Free WhatsApp’ option. 

As with most offers, there is a catch, well there are several of them actually. First, you need to have more than Kshs. 1 airtime balance, also, you do not get unlimited WhatsApp access, the offer is capped at 50MBs per day. In case the hour hits midnight before you exhaust those MBs, they will not roll over to the next day, they simply expire and you are awarded only 50MBs the following day. 

Well, given that this free WhatsApp does not need you to have an active data bundle, we think it is quite generous. Customers will be attracted by the fact that they will always have access to the basic WhatsApp communication features by simply being on Telkom network. 

I imagine that this offer will be very popular with students, they no longer have to use their pocket money/ upkeep to access WhatsApp. Considering that texts and pictures on the platform take up very minimal data, 50MBs is enough to go through a whole 24 hrs of chatting, moreso when media auto download option is turned off. 

For the data hungry users, Telkom XL bundles born during the Orange regime are still available, they offer data for prices as low as 9 cents per MB which are the cheapest of all service providers.