TicketGhana Launches Electronic Tickets


Premier ticketing company Ticket Ghana has launched an electronic ticket which will be used for major concerts, award ceremonies, film premieres, sports events, launches or shows and conferences in a move that revolutionize Ghana’s ticketing industry.

According to Basil Anthony, the CEO TicketGhana, also known as CEO ExtraOrdinaire, the groundbreaking product  will disrupt the ticket distribution industry in the country and provide program organizers with a world-class solution that allows real-time access to sales updates from all remote locations, real-time access to entry statistics from all gates at the event venue and reports on user demographics to aid targeted marketing as well as accounting.

The electronic card tickets will also eliminate the cost of paper ticket printing.

The E Card which had been launched by BSL last year as “Keba ekong” is now rebranded in a collaboration with  TicketGhana and will be known as the e-Ticket Card .

The e-ticket card was used on Valentines day at Raquel’s Valentine Cupid Party. Patrons who attended the event held at +233 jazz bar and grill had the opportunity to experience their ticket being loaded on an electronic card and a receipt for proof of purchase delivered to their mobile phones via SMS.
Fantasy Entertainment, the American based events outfits responsible for staging both the Rick Ross and Mavado Concerts in Ghana have given their approval. The Chief Executive, Leslie,says that electronic ticketing for events is exactly what event organizers need to effectively reduce the risk of people duplicating tickets and causing them to lose money on their events. He however warns that, the system must be properly with awareness creation among consumers to enable the lay man understand the usefulness of the e-tick