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Davis And Shirtlif New Electricity Backup System To Offer A Solution That Will End Power Interruptions

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Davis and Shirtliff, the leading energy equipment supplier inthe East African Region is offering a electricity backup system that provides a completely seamless transition between grid supply, battery backup and generator operation: as a complete protection against endemic power interruptions.
Electricity being the fourth biggest business constraint after tax rates, access to finance, and informal sector practices, according to the World Bank, with up to 12 per cent of Kenyan businesses blaming frequent electricity interruptions for low productivity.
According to a report by sabahionline ,they observed that on average, businesses experience 7 blackouts every month, some lasting up to 12 hours. They quote an incident last year, a number of companies ten kilometres outside Nairobi incurred some Sh20 million in losses due to power outages, which lasted for three consecutive days, forcing them to use stand-by generators that are prohibitively expensive to run.
Orata International Ltd., an animal-feed manufacturing company based in Nairobi’s industrial area, said it lost more than Sh3million($36,000) in just March and April last year due to blackouts.
“Even where there’s a generator, for some businesses, the data loss due to computers going off during certain tasks can take a team back by months,” said Mr. David Gatende, Deputy CEO at Davis and Shirtliff Group.
Davis and Shirtliff power back up supply system therefore promises to provide a lasting solution that will end such damages.
The sytem is flexible and gives priority to either generator or inverter system, depending on clients’ needs,” said Mr. Gatende.
The system ensures that when power goes off there is no interruption to ongoing work and computers remain on, as the inverter takes over supply for up to 7 hours, after which the generator comes on, powering the premises as it also recharges the inverter.
On fone Media is one such company operating sensitive businesses that require a continuous flow of power and is now using the power system with impressive results. The company specializes in SMS solutions and computer system design, licensed by CCK, and serves banks, radio stations and government institutions across East Africa.
Mr Francis Mulunda from On Fone Media company said“Our systems are supposed to run 24hrs a day. Whenever there is a blackout, it is not only our business that is affected, but those of our clients, making it imperative to have a reliable back up system,”
Due to insuffient power supply, many companies use generators as their sole power back up, most generators however are significantly louder producing sounds of around 85 decibels unlike the Cooper Eco-pack generators that run at an average 70 decibels, producing sound equivalent to an average conversation.
Davis and Shirtlif therefore offer a wide range of generators for various needs, the Cooper generator for instance is incorporated for clients who prioritize silence in their backup system, and they are also very fuel efficient ” saysMr. Gatende.

The company is the sole distributor of Cooper Ecopack generators in Kenya. Cooper Ecopack generators are available in 3 sizes: 15, 20 and 30 kVA. The sets also feature electronic operational diagnosis where they are connected to a computer to analyse defects and optimise operation thus improving reliability and minimising operation costs. Support can be provided in the form part of a yearly service contract which offers a maximum response time of 24 hours.
The multinational is a major player in the market for power products, offering inverter/battery backup solutions from 350 W to 11,000W and generators from portable 0.5 kVA units to large stationary generators with outputs up to 375 kVA.

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