CEO Weekends: Kenya-Oracle Unveils First Database Designed For The Cloud



Oracle Database 12c is the next-generation database designed to meet and transform business and improve organizations’ overall operational agility and effectiveness.

By plugging into the cloud with Oracle Database 12c, customers can improve the quality and performance of applications, save time with maximum availability architecture and storage management and simplify database consolidation by managing hundreds of databases as one.

“The innovations in Oracle Database 12c were developed with our customers’ cloud requirements very much in mind,” said Andrew Mendelson, the senior vice president, database server technologies, Oracle.

Oracle Database 12 introduces a new multitenant architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud; enable customers to manage many databases as one- without changing their applications.

“The new multitenant architecture makes it easier for customers to consolidate their databases and securely manage many as one. It also offers customers other capabilities for cloud computing such as simplified provisioning, cloning and resource prioritization without resorting to major application changing,” added Mendelsohn.

The database can greatly benefit customers deploying private database clouds and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors looking for the power of Oracle Database in secure multitenant model.

It introduces 500 additional features and is the result of 2500 person-years of development and 1.2 million hours of testing, plus an extensive beta program with Oracle’s customers and partners.

The multitenant architecture provides virtually instantaneous provisioning and cloning of database test and development clouds.

Oracle database 12c includes more security innovations than any other previous Oracle database release; helping customers address evolving threats and stringent privacy regulations.