South African Children Receive Desks Thanks to MTN, Samsung and Qhubeka


Rural children from South Africa will now have a better learning experience as Samsung, MTN and Qhubeka will see the distribution of what will be known as The Klevr desk.  

“Samsung is committed to uplifting children throughout the world, under the Samsung Hope for Children Africa programme, our goal is to provide education and medical support for five million children by 2015. This partnership with MTN is just another way we plan on accomplishing this – providing a convenient, smart solution that addresses a key need in South Africa,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “One of the challenges faced by learners in underprivileged community schools is that of the unavailability of suitable infrastructure. The Klevr Desk not only improves learners’ physical comfort while attending class, which benefits concentration, but also has health benefits as scholars can now be seated on a chair with a desk instead of the floor”.

The Klevr Desk initiative is aimed at fulfilling people for the contribution to specific programmes which are running in their rural communities. The community members are encouraged to grow 20 trees from seedlings up to 30-45cms in height in exchange for one Klevr Desk.

Samsung and MTN will provide about 8 000 Klevr Desks to these communities as a result of their contribution to these initiatives and so far 2000 have already been distributed.

“We are very delighted to have partnered with Samsung in making such a big change in the lives of these young children. We understand the strain they feel when studying seated on the floor while trying to concentrate at the same time, hence we are giving back by making their studying less of a struggle while we investing in our future leaders,” says Eleanor Potter, GM: Branded Retail Channel at MTN SA.

The desk is strong enough to hold a load of 100kg and can be used form 0 grade all the way up to seventh grade. It has a one piece design for ease of assembling and dismantling. Being compact, the desk can be used in classrooms as well as informal spaces.

“Samsung is working closely with MTN to make a tangible difference in communities by offering access to elements that enhance the education environment, where previously the infrastructure has been lacking. The corrugated cardboard structure of the Klevr Desk is key to this commitment – increasing comfort levels and suitable learning conditions – and of course is almost entirely recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability,” concludes Fleischer.