Next Generation TV Experience Comes to North Africa through Ixonos


mbc group

MBC Group viewers in North Africa and the Middle East will enjoy the next generation television experience by syncing their mobile devices with their television sets, through Ixonos service.

“The service synchronizes smart devices with the TV set, converting tablets and smart phones into 2nd screen devices that enable viewers to access a wealth of online information relevant to the programming, interact socially as well as benefit from personalised interactive advertisements,” Ixonos said.

This new service will enhance television experience for the many MBC viewers. They will be able to get relevant information on their mobile devices to get information about the television programme they are watching.

The service also allows viewers to sync their social media accounts with the MBC accounts, getting customized advertising on their social media accounts.

“By combining data from the viewers’ social media profiles with their television watching habits we can create in-depth viewer profiles. This enables running highly-targeted – and thus more effective – interactive advertisements,” explains Roope Suomalainen, Director, Experience, from Ixonos.

“We are thrilled to continue working with MBC and helping them to realize their vision; to enrich people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment,” explains Antti Aumo, VP of Marketing at Ixonos.

Most analyst have depicted that in years to come, the idea of television as we know it, will be over. Gadgets that can access television content are changing day by day.