South Africa’s Everlytic and Rocketseed Combine Forces for Email Marketing



Email marketing frontier got its newest collaboration between Everlytic and Rocketseed who provide bulk email marketing solutions.

“At Everlytic we are fanatical about email and we spend every waking moment finding better ways to place emails in the inbox. Our proprietary software platform is used by thousands of people who send millions of emails every day,” said Walter Penfold, Managing Director of Everlytic.

“Rocketseed is the perfect partner for us because they dominate the everyday mail space and know how to turn ordinary business communication into a powerful marketing tool. We think this is a perfect match and expect great things from it,” he added.

The Everlytic, Rocketseed alliance is one that makes sense on all levels precisely because these two industry leaders share the same playground and priorities, including email deliverability and reliability.

Rocketseed has overhauled the email landscape with innovative concepts around Email Media, delivering branded business emails for some of the best known brands in the country.

Rocketseed has made email their world and their holistic view is evidenced by the complete suite of solutions they offer from branded emails to design, consultancy to support and marketing.

“We needed to find a strong partner to trust with the bulkmail needs of our clients, and Everlytic was the obvious choice for us as a major player in the industry. We are thrilled to be working so closely with the crew at Everlytic and expect major successes from our collaboration,” Tess Sulaman, Managing Director of Rocketseed said.