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Nissan’s New Smartwatch: Possible Solution to Road Carnage?

by Elly Okutoyi
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nissan-nismo-smartwatch01Vehicle manufacturer Nissan Motor Company Limited has created a smartwatch that will enable drivers to monitor vehicle performance, as well as their own concentration levels, heart rate, temperature and other biometrics.

Dubbed the Nissan Nismo, the smartwatch connects to the vehicle on-board computer using a smartphone app as a Bluetooth Smart device, allowing it to access the vehicle’s performance data including average speeds and fuel consumption.

For now, the smartwatch can only be used by drivers of the Nissan Nismo cars, Nissan’s motorsport and performance division involved in supercars and race cars.

Nissan is however looking to create an ultimate smartwatch that can spot driver’s fatigue, monitor concentration levels, emotions and record hydration levels, in a bid to ensure that both the car and the driver are in the best possible state to be on the road.

Experts believe that if the auto maker decides to roll out the smartwatch to the mass market, road accidents could be reduced significantly due to the increased connectivity and communication between the driver and the vehicle.

Research shows that most road accidents-especially in Africa-are as a result of poor vehicle conditions and mistakes on the drivers’ part including overspeeding, driving while under alcohol influence and long hours behind the wheels something that reduces concentration levels.

This new gadget could be part of the solution in ensuring road safety is increased across the globe and help reduce the millions of lives lost in traffic related accidents, with World Health Organization putting the average figure at 1.2 million deaths  every year.

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