Microsoft, HP, Safaricom, Google, Samsung & OLX In a Digital Fair Showcasing Technologies of The Future


about-02Microsoft East Africa, HP, Safaricom, Google, Samsung and OLX are some of the companies that will showcase technologies of the future in a Digital Fair to be held in Nairobi next month.

The firms will also illustrate their technological capabilities and showcase the latest digital trends to the public at the three-day event to be held at the Sarit Centre. Present at the event will be IT researchers, critics, the business network and the public to exchange experiences and reflect on challenges and the expected impact of digital network technologies.

The event’s organizers, Eyeballs Marketing, say the Fair will offer complete digital experience to visitors interested in the latest digital trends, lifestyle gadgets and other technologies designed to simplify and enrich their lifestyles.

Eyeballs Marketing CEO, Mr. Martin Muli, says the Fair is a response to growth in digital technologies that has transformed how business is done in the country in the last several years.

“It is high time we bring different organizations and experts to a platform where they can meet with the public to debate ideas on digital trends and what the future holds for the country,” says Mr. Muli.

The economy has witnessed massive technological investments in areas like the financial services and telecommunications sectors where firms compete to take advantage of the benefits enabled by technology-driven innovation.

Exhibitors at the Fair will be drawn from all sectors of the economy including telecommunication, media and advertisings firms, lifestyle and products, government agencies, learning institutions and Techie companies.

“The Digital Fair will  have to levels of exhibitions, the Business Digital Fair and the Digital Future Fair, which will offer the public opportunity to interact with different exhibitors, listen to their presentations, experience technology and buy some of the products on offer,” says Mr. Muli.

The Business Digital Fair will be for businesses to display and show case unique and superior technologies that are in use to enhance the customer experience.

“The Business Digital Fair booths will strictly comprise of businesses, both corporate and SME, and will offer them a chance to provide a full digital experience to the public as well as generate business leads,” explains Mr. Muli.

The target exhibitors under the first level will include hotels, media houses, PR and advertising firms, learning institutions, government bodies, telecommunication companies, foreign companies, technology firms and businesses in lifestyle products.

At the Digital Fair Future, different techies and organizations will present solutions that can positively improve the lives of Kenyans. These solutions will be presented to key decision makers in Government and corporate sectors who have the capacity to engage techies and adopt the digital solutions.

The experts will be expected to tackle ideas on the future of digital technology in areas like disaster management, healthcare, agriculture, management and governance, security and public transport.

Eyeballs Marketing has been involved in planning and management of various successful events like the recent Kenya Social Media Awards, Grand Wedding Anniversary and several county editions of the ongoing Miss Tourism Kenya.