Orange Has Unveiled Customized Ring Back Tone Service For Its Subscribers



Orange has launched the Custom Ring Back Tone (RBT) service for its Orange mobile subscribers, set to enable the users to modify their ring tones by making their own content.

Conventional tones hold clips of pre-recorded and pre-selected music or other audio content that replace the standard ringing sound that incoming callers would normally hear while waiting for their calls to be answered.

 “The Custom RBT service therefore goes to demonstrate our commitment to our customers by delivering a stronger value proposition that is focused on more service options available to them,” said Orange CEO, Mickael Ghossien.

Also known as Caller Tunes, the Custom Ring Back Tones allows customers to control and extend their branding, promotional and advertising initiatives through this communications platform.

“Our customers will be able to make use of this service as a platform through which their businesses or commercial ventures can be advertised when calls are made to their phone,” says Ghossein.

In order to this, customers sends an SMS to 1352, which costs Ksh.20, stating the message content to be recorded. The tone is recorded within 24 hours and a code is sent to the customer. They then send the code given to 7700 to set the tone as their default RBT.

The custom tone is valid for 30 days where a daily subscription fee of KSh 1.67 is charged to the customer for having the tone. A user can continue with the current subscription at the end of the validity period or change the ring back tone or unsubscribe from it. A three day grace period is provided to allow for renewal of the subscription.

Orange has taken this advertising to another level, and made it very cheap, it has beaten Safaricom in its own game, the Skiza tune, business is always good when you are leading, let’s  see how far Orange will go and it it will get more subscribers from the business entity.