Home Startups Gorecyler Wants You To Earn Millions From Selling Recyclable Waste.

Gorecyler Wants You To Earn Millions From Selling Recyclable Waste.

by Sam Wakoba
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go#Gorecycler was founded in 2012 by Samuel Ngoda a BBIT graduate from Strathmore Universityin Kenya.

The web-based and mobile application that maps recycling centers in communities to enable users earn money by selling their recyclable waste.

Gorecycler bridges the gap between garbage collectors, organizers, transporters and processors in the community using a web- and mobile-based service platform . The platform crowd-sources and maps high-demand areas and provides pricing data for the various waste materials per waste cycle.

According to the founder, the solid waste management industry remains among the most unresolved problem in the country and on the continent as a whole and as urbanization sets in the more the challenges.
By helping user groups haul their waste together, the platform saves its users a lot of money. It also notifies the users of pickup times, driver arrangements, show how value addition will help them earn more money or just work together to market their products.

Gorecyler aims to rid Kenya of waste by identifying areas with much demand for the services so as more people make money by selling recyclable waste, hence reducing unemployment and cleaning our environment simultaneously.

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