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One Laptop Per Child Pioneer Visits Rwanda


The Rwanda pesident, Paul Kagame has had the Head of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), Rodrigo Arboleda, in his visiting room after the Transform Africa summit.

The OLPC programme takes specially-designed laptops and learning material to children around the world and has partnered with the Rwandan OLPC programme.

Rwanda falls at third position in implementing the programme to its children as Peru and Uruguay takes the lead. The programme was launched in Rwanda in 2007 and has managed to issue 207,026 laptops in 407 schools all over the country as of now.

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Children learning on OLPC’s  Laptop are also now depicted on the new 500 Rwanda Francs banknote.

“The Transform Africa Summit has been a milestone in demonstrating results of what his vision has been for transforming Africa. Our goal is to contribute to Rwanda’s vision of being the transformational hub of Africa and participating in digital age of economy. One laptop per child demonstrates that the most important resource that Africa has is the brain of their children,” said Arboleda

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