DOBA Faculty Introduces Online Master’s Degree Programme In Kenya




A leading online private education institution in South –Eastern Europe , DOBA Faculty of applied business and social studies, has today introduced its online Master’s degree Programme for the African market.

This course will be a Master’s Degree in International Business Management which cost $4.695 per year.

Director  of the Faculty, Ms Jasna DOninko Baloh said: “Online learning is an alternative for those who are unable to attend face to face lectures due to their career or family commitments, such as full-time employed people who want to advance their career, young adults with active lifestyles and young mothers with limited free time.”

Targeting people between the age of 19 and 25, the applied Business and Social Studies holds the honor of being  the first and only higher education institution in South-Eastern Europe to receive the UNIQUE international certification for quality in e-learning which is awarded by the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning.

In the programme students are monitored and guided by a tutor, who is available to you seven days a week. Ms Baloh added: “our students have numerous opportunities for networking and strengthening both business and private connections in European Union and Africa through this programme and active participation in the alumni club.”

DOBA faculty also said that they plan to extend their services in Ghana in future; however, it is still thei first time in the African market.  They said that they had considered their first stop to be in Kenya because, according to them, it has a high level of people who have done their bachelors degree and have plans to continue with their Master’s degree.

The faculty is planning to give a presentation of the courses; it will happen on November 21st at 6pm (EAT) at the Nairobi’s Hilton hotel.