Lamudi Turns to Social Media to Gain Ground in Nigeria’s Real Estate Market


lamudi_pkRocket Internet’s Lamudi has said that social media generates up to 50 per cent of its Nigerian website’s traffic, showing that social media and mobile internet plays an increasingly important role in the future development of the country’s real estate market.

According to  Allie Morse, the Lamudi CEO of West and Central Africa, speaking at the Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria already had 56 million internet users in 2012 with an average time of three hours spent on the internet. However, 61% of Nigerians access internet through mobile devices, which is the highest mobile internet penetration rate in Africa. When taking a closer look at their favorite activities during their online time, it becomes apparent that social networking is what engages Nigerians most of the time. Morse points out that media such as Facebook and Twitter are used for both, social and business purposes.

She commented that: “With the growing impact of social media here in Nigeria, we are offered a broad range of new opportunities. We can reach a lot more people with the aid of social media’s communication channels and methods. Nevertheless, we are focusing on targeted communication, as we believe that it is not about being everywhere, but about being in the right places with the right partners.”

However, I am convinced that in future, social media will be the key element to reduce the distance between our platform and its users. It helps us to identify the needs of our audience and to provide them with high quality content, which is by far the most important aspect to us.”

Whether looking for properties for rent or for sale, the internet platform enables customers to easily find or sell their house, apartment, commercial property or land online. At the same time, property providers and agents get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage.

Lamudi is aiming at having professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for 100% of its properties in each market to help brokers to manage their inventory fast, easy and stress-free.