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Green living on the rise in emerging markets



The real estate marketplace giant, Lamudi , says that in the future there will be a strong growth in the number of eco-friendly properties listed on its platform following the publication of a report outlining green construction trends.

The most recent World Green Building Trends report from renowned industry intelligence company McGraw Hill highlights that 51 percent of the worldwide construction industry expect to be developing more than 60 percent of their properties in an eco-friendly way by 2015, compared with only 28 percent of industry firms holding this expectation in 2012.

The most substantial increases in green construction activity are expected to be seen in the emerging markets – more than doubling their green construction activity by 2015.

Paul Philipp Hermann, Co-Founder at Lamudi, said: “The findings of this report confirm what we already believe – that demand for green living is not just a Western but a global trend. The fact that the construction of green housing in emerging markets is due to double by 2015 makes it easy for us to predict that the number of eco-friendly property listings on our platform will increase exponentially in the coming years.”

The green construction trend has already established itself in the Mexican property market, where the availability of eco-friendly properties has increased dramatically since the introduction of Green Mortgage Programmes in 2007.

Hermann explained: “We can only expect that in a short time this will be replicated in other emerging markets in Africa and Asia. We are excited by the prospect that Lamudi will be there to connect people to the possibility of affordable, green living.”