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Microsoft Personalizes Bing Ahead Of Cortana Roll out.


Microsoft has launched personalized information cards in a bid to make Bing more personal ahead of Cortana launch.

Both Cortana and the new Bing cards are part of the same effort to surface information that matters to you. Bing personalized data can appear on, cortana as well as Bing-powered apps on mobile devices and Windows 8 the roster of personalized items include; new headlines, weather, upcoming fight times and statuses and stocks.

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The company’s Bing personalization comes just as the company is getting to roll out the Bing-powered Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now, on Windows phone 8.1. the two are part of the same effort to surface information that matters to you.

bing requires one to set up your own interests first before it will do anything, whereas Google Now just starts working once you authorize it. Google Now doesn’t let you tailor your interests for some topics such as sports teams and stocks, but a lot of its information comes from your search history and other Google products.

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Interested parties can log into Microsoft’s account. Then under settings, you should see a new option called interests where you can get personal with Bing. Its personalization displays a series of thumbnails tailored to your interests across the bottom of Bing’s landing page. With each thumbnail appearing with a star in front of it.


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