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by Sam Wakoba
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bg-1A startup dubbed StudySearch is set to lanch to help Nigerians find universities in the UK with ease and in one place.

Co-founded by Krystle Obasi, StudySearch makes it easy for Nigerians applying to study abroad especially in the UK. According to Obasi, the platform currently in BETA, wants to make it dead simple and dirt cheap for any Nigerian to apply to study abroad. We’re opening our platform to 100 beta testers fairly soon and you could be one of them.”

StudySearch is giving away a $50 gift voucher to one of our testers and want as many people to sign up now and invite their friends and family to do so too.


StudySearch will help users to browse through colleges in the UK, and later other countries, apply for them and also know more about the universities from the safety of their living rooms. StudySearch also shows the top Nigerian communities in the UK and events and activities that bring them together.  The site aims to colelct all information about Nigerians in the UK so that new students will easily fit in wherever college they go to.


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