Vertex Standard eVerge™ Mobile Digital Radios Are Now Shipping




Vertex Standard LMR, Inc. is now shipping the enhanced display radio models of the EVX-530 Series: EVX-534 limited keypad, EVX-539 full-keypad portable radios; EVX-5300 and EVX-5400 mobile radios in the Europe and Africa region.

The full eVerge™ digital two-way radio series portfolio includes the EVX-530 series portable radios; EVX-5300/5400 series mobile radios and EVX-R70 repeater for a complete digital system. The radios operate in VHF (136 – 174 MHz) and UHF (403 – 470 MHz; 450 – 520 MHz) bands and have 512 channels with channel name display for easy identification.

Paul De Carte, Distribution Director of Vertex Standard LMR, Inc. in the EA commented: “eVerge radios are designed for customers currently using basic analogue radio communications who aim to convert to digital and could benefit from better audio quality, extended coverage, enhanced call management, longer battery life and more privacy without incurring higher equipment costs. The EVX-531 portable radios have been well-received by users since their launch. We are now excited to offer a complete line of eVerge™ portable and mobile radios that operate in both digital and analogue modes; and are now covered with 2 year factory warranty.”

The eVerge™ enhanced display radios operate in both digital and analogue modes on the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) digital protocol, for optimum power and spectrum efficiency. TDMA is compliant with the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) standard so eVerge digital radios are compatible with more than 74 percent of digital radios used worldwide.

The eVerge™ display radios provide users with expanded communications and privacy options not offered with basic analogue land mobile radios. Enhanced features include:

·         Text messaging – both free-form and pre-formatted text messages can be sent and received enabling users more ways to ensure their message is received when voice communications is not practical.

·         Enhanced call management capabilities – control who hears what is transmitted on a channel.  

·         Enhanced privacy – no extra encryption hardware is required when operating in digital mode.

·         Option board expandability – the eVerge™ full-featured radios can support expanded applications developed by third-party providers for enhanced digital performance such as, location tracking with GPS, telemetry, man-down, etc. Vertex Standard will provide third-party developers with the necessary technical documentation to ensure compatibility with the new eVerge™ digital radio series.

·         Auto-Range Transpond System II (ARTS II) – an exclusive capability offered by Vertex Standard, ARTS II enables users to monitor their connection status with other radios by the radio ID.

The eVerge™ series also includes the new EVX-R70 dynamic mixed mode repeater that supports both analogue and digital operation giving users expanded coverage and flexibility.

Visit Vertex Standard’s eVerge™ website for complete product specifications and digital resources about evolving to better communications: