CEO Weekends: Easy Taxi’s CEO Inspires Nigerian Youth To Focus On ICT To Provide Solutions To Africa’s Problems


easy taxi


Easy Taxi Nigeria CEO, Bankole Cardoso joined over 5000 youths and professionals from different states and sectors of economy at the 2014 career fair at the University of Lagos in Akoka that was held yesterday (15th May, 2014).

Organized by the Imperial Integrated Project Services, this year’s career fair, titled ‘Human Capacity building for a viable and secured nation’ was designed to find solutions which will eventually reduce the growing unemployment rate in Nigeria.

The National Career Fair, which targets undergraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs and job seekers on the one hand and major corporations, government agencies and small and medium scale firms on the other, said this year’s objective is to create a platform for opportunities and needs to interact.

In relation to youth involvement in ICT during the Tech-economy development section, Cardoso, stressed the need to focus on providing solutions that would be beneficial to the economy through ICT. Using Easy Taxi application as a case study, he talked on the idea behind the cab hailing mobile application.

He said: “I noticed the need for comfort, safety and convenience in terms of transportation within the city of Lagos especially during the rush hours of the day and so I did my research on how many people use smart phones and thus the idea of the Easy Taxi App was born”.

The career fair is held yearly at different states in Nigeria and attendance is free.