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Compliant MOA rolls out cashless payment “1963 Travel Card” .

PSV bus company- compliant MOA  has today launched cashless payments making it the first company to do so in the country after the switch was expected to kick off in July across the country.

The buses operating Ngong road have rolled out “1963 Travel Card” also dubbed jinice after the halt of Beba card pay it started off with early last year. The company will however guide its customers on how to migrate to the new card as well as inform them on its advantages.

The shift is definitely due to better terms and benefits to the company and customers too. The card is NFC enabled in which the conductor will charge by tapping on a Smartphone and a receipt is generated upon payment. Commuters will also have an added advantage allowing them borrow up to 300 shillings loan for emergencies and gain of loyalty points; 1 point for every 1 shillings used.

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The receipt will have details displayed which will include the name of the conductor, the vehicle registration number, route and the time of travel as well as the remaining balance.

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