Launches New Social-Media Driven Pages to Put Africa on the Map


Animals-Africa-wildlife-giraffes-trees-sky-photo-evening-sun-sunsetFollowing news on Africa by country is cumbersome as the 54 countries have various media companies; in different languages and on various mediums.

To simplify that,, an Africa-related website curating news on the most important topics on the continent, today launched its new country pages to offer basic facts and maps live country specific social media feeds, daily headline news from several sources within each country, general and travel videos, quick facts and figures, an “Afripedia” and Slide shows of many images from each country.

The new pages have been optimized to display well on mobile devices and tablets, making them ideal for visitors on the African continent, especially millenials. expects that its new country pages will help expand its role as the leading source for information about Africa, with nearly five million pageviews per month from visitors in some 200 countries around the world. Chair and CEO Teresa Clarke said, “There is nothing comparable to what we have created for those searching for information on Africa.  We love Wikipedia, but by comparison, our country pages have not only the encyclopedia content you would find on Wikipedia, but so much more.  Our live Twitter feeds let you know what is happening in the country up to this minute.  Our live Tumblr feeds give you a deeper sense of what bloggers in the country are saying right now, often along with beautiful pictures to accompany those blogs.  The headline news gives you traditional media’s views on what is important today in that country.”

The new country pages take advantage of the real time news feeds for every country hash tag (for example, #nigeria, #kenya).  They also provide for a greater degree of interactivity with users by allowing visitors to Tweet directly from the page, connect to’s active Facebook community of over 60,000 followers, and engage with Tumblr’s blogs.

Former US Ambassador to South Africa Jendayi Fraser said, “With its new country pages, takes a major step forward to stay in the lead as the definitive one stop source for information about each of the fifty four African countries.  The new content is dynamic and up to the minute, and is a great resource unlike any other I have seen for Africa.”