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MTN scoops most awards in Digital Impact Awards Africa

CyberPlc, National Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U), Global Networks and HiPipo have partnered on a project to award companies that employ people to do nothing but tweet and facebook. The companies also organized Digital Impact Awards Africa, which was the first-ever to be hosted in Kampala, Uganda on Thursday.

Digital awards

With its theme ‘Maximizing the digital dividend’, they gave companies that have flourished in making use of famous social media sites such as YouTube,Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook awards to show their relevance.

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The categories of the awards included best website and radio on social media, corporate brand on social media and digital financial service, among others. MTN won five of the awards including the brand of the year award though most people did not agree that MTN’s ‘Egg hunt’ certainly beat Smart’s ‘Give us a name’ or Airtel’s ‘Uganda Cranes we believe’ for the best corporate digital campaign award.

MTN’s “Oh, the things you’ll learn (Gonya Zirya Ki?)”, which won the best commercial advert award, was applauded for its win after contesting against Airtel’s “Mr Money”, Orange’s “Tokota”, UTL’s “Everlasting airtime” and Riham’s “Whatsup” adverts. The advert is all about a sweet young girl finding an egg at a riverbank and setting out to hatch it assuming it is for a duck.

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