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iWayAfrica launches fiber-optic services for Ugandan enterprises

Pan African telecoms operator Gondwana International Networks (GIN) has today announced the launch of a new fiber-optic service by its Ugandan subsidiary iWayAfrica.

In a statement, Ken Mwai, the Managing Director of iWayAfrica Uganda, stated: “The demand for high capacity internet connectivity within corporate markets and enterprises in the major cities of Entebbe and Kampala were always increasing therefore the need for a substitute provider.”

iWayAfrica Uganda has the capacity to provide internet access to businesses at a fixed cost by connecting with Google’s Project Link, which is a metro fiber offered in Kampala. This allows them to deliver cost-effective solutions in a multi-tenant complex.

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Mwai also noted that iWayAfrica Uganda is able to leverage hundreds of kilometers of optic fiber distributed by Google in Kampala and provide the advantage direct to businesses.

“Enterprise businesses in Kampala need authentic high-speed connectivity for voice, internet and data services. These services are required to provide shared cost of fiber, together with fast turn-around times for access as well as a network that provides multiple rings for protection against failures,” Mwai explained.

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iWayAfrica is a leading African internet service provider (ISP) that provides solutions over fiber optic, wireless and satellite networks. Its expertise falls in installing, operating and designing networks to meet customers’ requirements.

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