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South Africa’s MySidekick App Wants to Simplify Shopping For You

by Sam Wakoba
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10349952_684169221659629_1109287974451274597_nSouth Africa’s MySidekick has developed a mobile app that is probably the most valuable resource a South African consumer can possess. The easy, fun and free MySidekick smartphone App provides users with an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of specials, promotions, sales, products and coupons available at major retailers throughout the country.

The offering is the result of collaboration between expert developers represented through MySidekick, a young company founded by entrepreneurs Leonard Brewer, Mark Pratt, Charles Guise-Brown, Ian Banneman and Corinne Lategan.

This team of seasoned technology professionals wanted to develop an app that saves time and money, but also makes the shopping experience more enjoyable.

They devised a virtual shopping assistant that has relevant detail about local emergency services, retailers and malls. A quick reference to the app and the user will receive all necessary contact and location information of services like ATMs and petrol stations.

A number of leading retailers have already linked onto the network and form part of the MySidekick App ecosystem, including BT Games, Edgars Club, Incredible Connection, Midas, Spar KZN, Tiger Wheel & Tyre and Verimark.

The developers also focused on user experience and functionality. MySidekick uses a clean design, which is easy to navigate and enhances the overall experience and simplicity of finding the right money-saving deals, custom to the user’s location.

The Company has applied the most responsive technology to provide an app that simplifies the user’s shopping style and leverages social networking.

Special features include adding retailers, malls and specials to a user’s favourites list, viewing the Top 10 Specials closest to one’s location, and sharing specials, competitions and more on Facebook and Twitter.

Consumer security is a crucial component and all emergency services features will be available throughout South Africa from the get-go.


MySidekick is available for iPhone and iPad users and MySidekick Android and Botswana versions are also in the pipeline.


John Jardin, Lead Developer of MySidekick, is excited about the offering and believes it heralds a new chapter in the progress and maturity of South Africa’s consumer and retail sector as far as the adoption and application of mobile technology is concerned.


“This is a truly innovative offering that will make a practical difference to people’s lives. It is easy to use and adds substantial value, based on straightforward but reliable and robust technology, to the end user. This is certainly one of the more interesting developments to impact the consumer market,” Jardin adds.

MySidekick is a new, free smartphone and tablet shopping application (App) that does the hard work for you.  Our superhero collects info on all the hottest specials and promotions throughout South Africa to give your shopping a detailed kick-start every morning.

As your own personal shopping assistant, MySidekick helps you save time and money when browsing for your favourite items, specials, sales and vouchers from major retailers in your area. You can save them onto your virtual shopping list to make your next shopping trip a breeze.

Having just launched, we already have support from some of SA’s most respected retailers like Edgars Club, Builders Warehouse, Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, Spar KZN, Midas, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, BT Games and a host of other famous stores. We will continuously add new retailers for you to choose from. Also easily search and find stores, contact details and map directions to your favourite retailers and malls using the handy look-up features. Developed by leading South African developers, MySidekick is a must-have for every SA shopper!

As a useful bonus MySidekick gives you quick access to emergency numbers and services (Ambulances, Police stations, Poison Line, AA etc.). The app also gives you directions to the nearest Fuel Stations & ATM’s.

On top of all that the app has an intuitive layout and is really easy to use. There is a user chosen Top 10 Specials and you can share nearly everything on Facebook and Twitter to keep your buddies in the loop. It is available for iPhone and an Android version will be launched soon.

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