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PricePanda Releases Enhanced Mobile Site to Reach Mobile Users

by Sam Wakoba
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PricePanda, the price comparison website for South East Asia (SEA), has just released its trim and intuitive mobile site version, now enhanced specifically for shoppers. The development follows the company’s announcement last week of their streamlined desktop site, revealed as part of their plans for future expansion and the continued advancement of its online service. View the new PricePanda mobile site design any time or download the PricePanda mobile app for Android or iOS.
The decision to focus on releasing a revamped mobile version of PricePanda is a reflection of the data collected on shopper preferences. Assessing the company’s research from SEA, mobile devices were found to be either the most, or second most popular device on which to do online shopping. In Malaysia and Indonesia 46% and 56% of users respectively, use a mobile device for their online browsing and shopping. While 43% and 31% of users in Singapore and the Philippines respectively, also favour their handheld. Since users also show a preference for online shopping on their mobile, PricePanda wanted to meet this need and adapt to the shopper’s choice by also creating a new customer-focused mobile site.

The mobile site format seeks to serve the multitude of smartphone users in SEA searching for the best prices, quickly and easily, online. With a focus on functionality as well as appearance, the new format is both clear-cut and comprehensive. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of PricePanda users with handheld devices, so that they don’t have to adjust their displays, or compromise on the choice of products shown on screen or indeed the quality of those images. Retaining the PricePanda style, it is now simply more intuitive to user experience.

The timely move from PricePanda follows Google’s recent announcement addressing its new approach for rating websites that adapt well to mobile devices. Coming into effect within the next few weeks, the search engine corporation is choosing to label sites that have modified their content and tools for use on smartphones and other handhelds, as ‘Mobile-Friendly’ within search results. Google says they want to ‘make it easier for people to find the information that they’re looking for’, and PricePanda has ensured their site passes the mobile-friendly requirements.

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